Cafeteria in the block EF

In the block EF there is a cafeteria available serving mostly fast food, sweet breakfast, salads, snack soups, grilled chicken, and various types of fried cheese with chips. Not to get thirsty, you can choose from drink menu, bottle packs, and tea or coffee is a matter of course.

Start up your day having delicious breakfast with coffee or tea. Choose from ready meals for lunch, and after a successful day have an early dinner.

For more information and availability in the summer months of July and August, please contact +421-41-5652531.


Dining facility „Menza“

In the vicinity there is a capacious university canteen which is suitable for larger amount of persons. There is a possibility to provide food based on your requirements /custom-made/. We care about our customers´ satisfaction.

For more information contact:
Ing. Slováková Daniela 041/513 1430 daniela.slovakova@uniza.sk
Janka Králiková 041/5651461, 041/513 1802 janka.kralikova@uniza.sk
Prevádzka 041/5131801 prevadzkasz2@uniza.sk


There is accommodation available for the participants of your event, in different accommodation standards. The accommodation consists of supply of suites, single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, and hotel rooms.

If you are interested in participants´ accommodation during an ongoing event, you shall have our accommodation capacity available, in different standards