About us

The Housing Facility Veľký Diel is one of the two accommodation facilities of the University of Žilina. It provides accommodation for the full-time university students, doctoral degree students, as well as for the foreign students and guests. 


Capacity and accommodation

The Housing Facility Veľký Diel provides 2396 accommodation places in 3 blocks. In summer, mainly in July, August and September, Veľký Diel offers, for affordable prices, its accommodation premises also for tourists or city visitors. Throughout the year, there are about 100 accommodation places available for guests. There are also meeting rooms, lounges, and a cinema room available for about 180 persons. The Accommodation Facility consists of 3 accommodation blocks.

Block A-B-C-D provides the accommodation in 2 or 3 bedded rooms. Shared bathrooms are located on each floor. All rooms in this block have the Internet connection or there is a Wi-Fi connection available. Accommodated students have an opportunity to use the kitchenette that is located on each floor of the block A-B-C-D.

Blocks E-F and G-H provide accommodation in 3 bedded rooms; each having its own bathroom. Accommodated students or guests in these blocks can use the Internet connection available in every room. 

Services and Relax

The Housing Facility Veľký Diel provides not only various dining options but also interesting chances for relaxation and sport activities. There is a student cafeteria, café, and a pizzeria in the blocks E-F and G-H. In the vicinity of the dormitory Veľký Diel there is a canteen called “Nová Menza”.

The services included involve the use of lounges, meeting rooms, and a cinema room with the capacity of 180 visitors; they offer various alternatives of use – trainings, seminars, presentations, small conferences, but also film projections, lectures, drama performances, etc. Supporters of active relaxation can take advantage of the rich offer of the Fit Club Veľký Diel that runs a gym, two tennis courts, an athletic track, a football pitch, ricochet court and a multipurpose hall.

There is a GP and a dentist having the practice on the premises of the Accommodation Facility. Students and guests will appreciate the nearness of the Student Information Centre, copy centre, or a hairdresser. Parking in the area of the Accommodation Facility is free of charge.